Senior software engineer | 2018-2021

Sitka is on a mission to make specialty care more accesible to patients and doctors across the United States. Doctors use Sitka to request video consultations from specialists to inform patient diagnosis and care.

Sitka hired me as their first engineer to help design, build, and grow all aspects of the product. Work includes architecting the front-end using React.js, developing custom browser extensions, using modern browser APIs like MediaRecorder to enable a rich web-first experience, building integration services and APIs for customers using Node.js, back-end development using Python and Postgres, and automating infrastructure in AWS. I was involved heavily in product development and customer success as the company found product-market fit and grew into a Series A company.


Software engineer | 2016 - 2018

Sephora is the leading cosmetics retailer in the United States. In 2016 Sephora had different teams and stacks for their desktop and mobile web front-ends and sought to unify these under a single architecture powered by React and Node.js. This was a complex endeavor involving cross organizational projects and stakeholders. The project was bound by key objectives including decreasing page load times, sustaining high traffic, improving developer experience, and, most importantly, not interrupting sales.

Sephora brought me onboard to be part of the UI architecture team to build the architecture which multiple front-end teams would use to build the new client-side experience. This included building a framework using React.js and server-side rendering with Node.js, monitoring and optimizing client- side and Node.js performance, developing custom build tooling, building client-side interfaces for Sephora’s marketing and analytics teams, and championing unit testing.


Front-end developer | 2014-2016

Stance is an apparel company that popularized socks as fashionable and fun parts of everyday attire.

I joined the web team behind Stance to work on their e-commerce application. Stance was pioneering the use of single page application architecture to enable highly dynamic and interactive experiences for shoppers. I was responsible for building a highly modular front-end design system using Angular.js, LESS, SMACSS and BEM. Much of my work focused on building a design system that would support Stance’s frequent marketing campaigns to launch new products and collaborations.

I’m considering projects to join or co-found starting fall 2021. If you’re interested, please get in touch!