Introducing Metanoia

I’m excited to introduce Metanoia, a new blog where I will be exploring ideas that fascinate me.

Over the last years I have become increasingly interested in topics such as a social philosophy, philosophy of mind, psychology, positive freedom, ecology, and more. Much of this has come through recreational reading amidst significant life transitions.

I have created Metanoia to share and clarify my understanding through writing, and to connect with others who are interested in these subjects as well. The format of this may include essays that examine key concepts and relationships, book reviews, and an index of relevant ideas and resources. I may also touch on the relationship between technology and the aformentioned topics.

For the time being my goal is to write with a focus on grounding these ideas to my day-to-day experience. It is here that I unveil the intimacy of this project: I am not drawn to these topics out of curiosity alone. I have been in the search for answers (or comfort) to the questions that arise as I wade through life.

Read more Metanoia here. Come and follow along!