More fleshed-out posts than notes.

  • Turning 29

    Yesterday was my birthday. Save for when I was a kid, I have not been one to take my birthday too seriously. My partner, on the other hand, likes to commence celebrations a week in advance.

  • After a year and half since joining Mastodon, I have made my place in the fediverse. You can follow me there at I’m happy to be part of a server funded and governed by its members.

  • I’m excited to introduce Metanoia, a new blog where I will be exploring ideas that fascinate me. Over the last years I have become increasingly interested in topics such as a social philosophy, philosophy of mind, psychology, positive freedom, ecology, and more.

  • On books

    I recently went through the endeavour of packing all of my possessions. Of all things, putting my books away was the hardest. For life reasons I will be away from them for the near future.

  • Starting anew

    I would be lying if I said this is my first attempt at writing here. Believe me, I have tried. Not that I feel bad about it. Where I have sinned is in adding too much friction.