This is a now page. It loosely summarizes what I’m up to these days. You may follow me in Mastodon for more granular updates.

Desktop application

I’m currently building a toy application for me and my partner to track and annotate our books and reads. Think of a local Goodreads, just for you.

In the spirit of writing local-first software, I’ve chosen to make this a desktop application using Wails and Go. It uses SQLite to store the data, and Solid and Tailwind for the user interface.

This project is also a proving ground to see how fit this stack is for building desktop applications. If it proves successful I may have a go at some other ideas for applications that I’d like to use myself.

See Robin Sloan’s An app can be a home-cooked meal for some inspiration on creating software to serve just you and your loved ones.


I’m composing some music which I hope to release informally throughout the winter. I’ve chosen the following constraints:


Halfway through the summer I drafted some essays that I want to publish at Metanoia. Summer ended up being as busy as I expected and publishing these fell sideways. I’m looking to publish one or two essays, as well as making Metanoia more of book blog.


The following albums are currently in circulation:


Currently reading El Proceso by Franz Kafka.

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