My name is Gabriel Garrido and I live in Madrid, Spain. I write software and dabble in some other things that I am interested in.

For a more up to date summary of what I’m doing to these days, check out my now page.

Portrait of Gabriel


I have messed with computers and technology since I was a kid, though usually in a light and playful manner. Months before starting college I was bored and learned how to build websites. This decision ended up being life-changing for someone who was truly clueless about his later prospects in life.

I was fascinated by the permisionless nature of it all, and found myself employed before starting school. And so, I have been writing software professionally since then. These days I run BaxterHQ with my good friend Vikram.


I took piano lessons for nearly twelve years. I did not enjoy it much at first, but soon after it became a cornerstone in my life.

Fast forward to some years ago, I started to play with synthesizers and audio production. This revitalized my musical aspirations in all sorts of ways. The wide, wonderful world of electronic music consumed me.

There is something to be said here about music and technology, but I’ll spare it. Suffice to say that I admire the artists who tread this line gracefully.

I compose music at times, particularly ambient. It puts me at ease.


I have a wonderful labrador/pointer mix called Mila. I adopted her amidst the euphoria of Costa Rica advancing to quarter-finals back in the 2014 FIFA World Cup. Costa Rica did not make it past Netherlands, and I soon learned first-hand about the challenges of raising a pup. She’s now nine years old and getting more white-haired by the month, though still much a puppy in spirit. She’s taught me so much about all sorts of things.


You can email me at hello@garrido.io and follow me in the Fediverse at ggpsv@social.coop.

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