This site is an occasionally updated collection of thoughts written by me, Gabriel. I would tell you that some of that may concern software, technology, or whatever but really I'm just writing for myself. That means that anything can end up in here. I may write in english, spanish, or both depending on what I'm writing about.

If you're interested in catching up with what I'm doing these days, check out my /now page.

With that in mind, I'll leave you with some words about myself. My name is Gabriel Garrido and I was born in Costa Rica. I very much enjoy being a beginner which is why I like try out new things every so often (like this blog). Some of the things that have stuck with with me in that process are writing software, climbing, and gardening. I have also played the piano for the past 15 years.

Me and a friend from Iceland

Me and a friend from Iceland

I'm not a fan of labelling myself in terms of what I do. I may currently work in software engineering but I don't think of myself as just a software engineer. Often times we fall into the trap of confounding these things and I find that to be somewhat constraining. So at any given time I'm just a Gabriel doing things that Gabriel enjoys.

I care for a lovely dog called Mila. She and I walk a lot.