Hola! I’m Gabriel.

I work as a software developer and I’m based in Costa Rica. I enjoy the process of breaking down problems, navigating the unknowns, and exploring the role of software as appropriate technology.


I started building for the web when I was 16 years old. Building things and putting them out there for others to use was too exciting a possibility to pass up.

I dove deeper into designing and building user interfaces. I did not put much thought into the idea of becoming either a designer or developer. It was all fun, all play. I was inspired by Frank Chimero’s The Shape of Design, Smashing Magazine’s Smashing Book, and A List Apart. Curiosity leads one down through many paths.

Shortly after I started working as a front-end developer focused on design systems. I briefly studied design and visual communication, and then computer science to boot. I have since worked as a software developer.

You can read more about my work here.


You can reach me at hola@garrido.io or @ggpsv.

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